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Quick and Easy Hair and Makeup Tricks

We all have days when we need to freshen up quickly.  Maybe we got held up at work and can’t be late for that girl’s night out.  Or maybe the alarm didn’t go off and we’re in a mad rush to get to work without looking like we just rolled out of bed.  There are some time-tested tips and tricks that can help you get freshened up in a flash.

Fix your face


To refresh this morning’s makeup and remove any excess oil, use toner to lightly mist your face.  Pat with a tissue and finish by dusting with loose powder.

If concealer doesn’t quite get the job done, or if you just don’t have time for it, try wearing warm pink lipstick.  Believe it or not, warm pink lips help to draw people’s eyes away from imperfections.

Reapplying eyeliner is one of the quickest ways to go from daytime to evening.  Follow your top lash line from the inner corner to just past the outer corner.

To get a fresher face the morning after a long night, pat concealer under your lower lashes, on either side of your nose, and onto the inner corners of your eyes.  Follow this up by applying a swirl of bronzer to your cheeks.  Alternately, use a fan brush with some bronzer along your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, along your hairline, and over the creases in your eyelids for a super-quick warm look with enough definition to get you through the day.  If you do have 10 minutes to spare, applying a cold compress (gel packs are ideal) to eyes while lying down is a sure way to reduce or eliminate puffiness.  

Fix your hair


Don’t have time to wash hair that looks weighed down by oil and/or styling products?  A little translucent powder applied to roots and brushed through is a great quick fix.

Trying to tame your frizz?  Add a drop of lotion to damp hands, then pull your hair back into a simple French twist.  Wait ten minutes, then take hair down–no more frizz!

Don’t have time for a full blow-dry job?  Focus on the part and front hairline.  As long as these areas are dry, you’ll look more “finished” than you might think.

Embrace the ponytail.  There’s still nothing wrong with a good old fashioned ponytail or French twist.  Pull a tendril or two loose, and nobody will even know it was a last-minute save versus Plan A.

Other fixes

female hands with fragrant rose petals and towel

If you have dry skin, but don’t have time to apply body lotion after your shower and then wait for it to dry enough to keep your clothes clean, use the same conditioner that moisturizes your hair to get the job done in way less time.  Just apply the conditioner to your body, rinse, and dry.  Results will be comparable to body lotion, but in a fraction of the time.

No time for a fresh manicure?  Remove the old polish, clean the nail beds and undersides with lemon juice, and then massage the cuticles with the thickest lotion or balm you have (even lip balm will work).  If you have clear polish and a UV light or polish dryer, a quick clear coat can freshen up a manicure in a pinch, too.