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How to Develop Your Inner Confidence

At some time or another, we all struggle with self confidence.  We know true happiness and success can only come from within, but still we doubt ourselves, at least occasionally.  It can be hard to stay confident when faced by the negativity around us, but there are a few things we can all do that will help us gain and maintain a healthy level of self assurance.

Understand that perfection doesn’t exist


It’s okay to always strive for perfection–as long as you understand that there’s no such thing as utterly perfect.  It doesn’t mean you stop trying to be perfect; you’ll never even get close if you don’t try.  True inner confidence comes from knowing that your best is all you can ask of yourself.  Waiting to make a move, whether in a personal or professional matter, until “everything is perfect” is likely to keep you waiting so long that whatever opportunity you’re dreaming of pursuing ends up passing you by.

Face your fears


Don’t let your perception of how well or poorly you compare to others keep you from seeking success.  Being afraid that somebody else is “better” than you and letting that fear hold you back will do nothing to further your goals, and, at best, will cause you to get stuck rather than reach new heights.

You also need to stop letting the “what-ifs” erode your confidence.  Quit worrying about “What if it all goes wrong?”  Instead, ask yourself “What if it all goes right?”

Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind.  Keeping your mouth shut when you know you should speak up increases self doubt and robs others of the chance to see who you really are.  Others may not always agree with you, but anyone worth trying to impress will be impressed when you show your confidence in yourself and your ideas and beliefs.

Talk yourself into positive thinking


Pay attention to the conversations you have with yourself.  How often are you down on yourself? Do you spend more time dwelling on your perceived shortcomings than acknowledging your strengths?  If someone were to ask you to tell them three things about yourself, would those things be negative or positive?  If you can’t convince yourself of your abilities when you’re looking in the mirror, how can you expect to convince anyone else?  Have you heard the phrase “Fake it ‘til you make it?”  That’s good advice.  Convince yourself that you are worthy, and others will believe it, too.

Learn to bounce back


We all face setbacks.  People say things and situations arise that cause you to doubt yourself.  Real and perceived insults shouldn’t be able to crush your confidence.  Taking a chance and failing shouldn’t make you afraid to take another chance.  Very few of the world’s most successful and happiest people would say their path to the top was always a walk in the park.  The most solid self confidence comes from knowing that we can deal with anything that comes our way.